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A new concept : Race for ALL !

The Mitjet is a concept founded by Jean-Philippe Dayraut in 2006. This low costs car is planned to competition for amateur and professional drivers.

The Mitjet Serie is called "the race for all" because it's fun, easy to drive for a very competitive price.

Thanks to this discipline many novices have the chance to discover and drive on the most prestigious circuits in France and Europe.

The Mitjet Serie is a simplified competition where the determination of the driver plays an important role in its results.

This kind of car will surprise by their performances and the overtakings in every bend !

Suspense, adrénalin and professionalism, these are the key words of our races and championship !

The Supertourisme is one of the category of the Mitjet Series France.

Focus on Supertourisme

Objectives : pleasure of piloting, performances and low costs

For its launch in 2014, the Supertourism kept some characteristics of the Mitjet 2L, but these two cars are very different of numerous points: engine, tyres, aerodynamism...Its performances are well beyond the Mitjet 2L. It's faster of 10 seconds on a round.

Its for pilots which are looking for stronger sensations.

This vehicle reacts very exactly to the actions and to the wishes of the driver, it's a real racing car.
The pleasure of piloting is immediate.

The Supertourisme already has followers

The season 2014 gonna be colourful with more than 15 Supertourisme on the GT Tour circuits.
This new car will amaze all spectators.

Supertourism is intended for amateur drivers but also for professionals! Margot and Jacques Lafitte, Sébastien Loeb, Yvan Muller, Anthony Beltoise have already adopted it !